ZixOne, A Simple Approach to BYOD


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ZixOne, A Simple Approach to BYOD

Geoff Bibby

“There’s nothing hotter for consumers than tablet devices and smart phones. There’s also nothing more terrifying for IT than tablet devices and smartphones.” – Mark Fidelman, Forbes’ Contributor

This quote from a recent Forbes post summarizes the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon perfectly. People love their mobile devices. They love them so much that they don’t want to use anything else, not even for work. Companies want to take advantage of the cost savings and productivity created by this trend. And IT has been challenged to figure out how, but it has not been an easy road.

Current BYOD solutions either jeopardize corporate data by allowing data to reside on the device, or they neglect the user experience. Worse yet, some do both. The only BYOD solution that will be truly effective is one that meets both business needs and employee demands.

With ZixOne, businesses do not have to compromise. ZixOne solves the greatest BYOD risk exposure by protecting the most-used mobile app—email—and it starts by delivering an easy user experience. The user experience may not be the first need that comes to mind for all companies, but it’s the most essential. After all, the BYOD movement started due to user demand. With an easy experience, ZixOne will be accepted by even your most demanding employees.

&ltlt;p>ZixOne also raises the bar on BYOD security by not allowing email data to reside on the device. Through a secure, mobile environment, employees interact with their mobile email as usual. If the device is lost or stolen, companies disable access. Because data does not reside on the device, companies do not have to manage or worry about thousands of copies of emails and attachments.

In the weeks to come, we’re going to review why our approach is better, why Zix is well positioned to solve the BYOD challenge and what you need to consider when implementing BYOD policies and solutions. If you can’t wait, please visit zixcorp.com/byod for a variety of resources or to contact sales.