Summer Fun with BYOD


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Summer Fun with BYOD

Zix Staff

It’s the time of the year to pack up the family and head on vacation! Whether your destination of choice is the beach, the mountains, or Disneyland, all that matters is spending quality time with loved ones.

Now, we all wish for a few uninterrupted days or even weeks of vacation every summer, but that just isn’t realistic in today’s connected environment. Instead, we need to find the best ways to limit those interruptions, so they don’t take away from precious time out of the office. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways BYOD can bring balance and convenience to your summer vacation:

Easy to connect and disconnect

Certain BYOD solutions provide a buffer between work and personal information, allowing users to easily check what work items they need to, and then disconnect quickly. For instance, with ZixOne, you can check work email in a separate app from your personal email account, eliminating the urge to check work email when simply checking your personal account.

Less to take along

Would you like to fill that extra space in your travel bag with that new summer outfit or a work-issued device? BYOD allows you to take one device with you on vacation and leave that clunky computer or phone at home.

Keeps you sane!

When on vacation, occasionally having easy access to work email is actually a good thing. Setting aside a few minutes to read through emails, either early in the morning or after the kids go to bed, allows you to stay connected and limits the dread of going back to a full inbox.

Most secure way to check email

While it may not be on most employees’ minds, traveling can expose your devices to a number of security risks. Whether you lose your phone or connect to a rogue Wi-Fi network, there is a chance sensitive corporate data can be intercepted. With ZixOne, no corporate email resides on the phone. Instead it is securely accessed through the cloud and password-protected through the ZixOne app.

Working on vacation is not ideal, but with the right tools and self-control, it can be done efficiently and help ease the stress of returning to the office.

Here’s to a great summer vacation!