Keeping Email Security Top of Mind


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Keeping Email Security Top of Mind

Zix Staff

Awareness of the need for data security continues to increase among businesses and consumers alike, and one of the most tangible signs that people are taking security seriously is the record attendance at last month’s RSA Conference. More than 43,000 attendees – from security professionals to IT staff to c-level executives – descended on San Francisco to learn about the latest security trends, gaps and solutions.

As we try to advance security strategies to manage evolving threats, it’s key to learn from each other. Naomi Eide with CIODive included suggestions from influential security leaders in her recent article, “7 experts share their personal cybersecurity habits.” The tips focused on security basics associated wi-fi, passwords and mobile devices, and her article inspired us to reiterate another foundational security practice – protecting email, a top threat vector for huge data loss.

  • Keep communication flowing. Just makes sure it’s shared with the intended recipients. Protected health information, financial information, Social Security numbers, private corporate data. You name the sensitive data, and we bet it’s being exchanged in email. It needs to be to keep business efficient, but that doesn’t mean it should be exchanged in regular email. Encrypted email protects the message and attachments and makes sure its read by authorized parties and only authorized parties.
  • Clicking ‘send’ is too easy. Give your employees a break and lower your stress with automation. With the number of emails sent daily, it’s no surprise that sensitive email is sent unprotected by mistake. By using a policy-based email encryption solution, you can catch the errors and sleep easier at night knowing you, your employees and their emails are better protected.
  • Not all security methods are equal. Policy-based encryption secures email in transit. End to end encryption protects emails in storage and transit. TLS protects email if a secure connection is set-up and managed properly but doesn’t guarantee a secure reply. Knowing and balancing the benefits of the varying methods is the best way to develop an email security strategy that works best for you and your organization.
  • Keep email security easy. Speaking of strategy, you can throw it out the window if the solutions behind it aren’t easy enough for your employees, customers and partners to use. You can count on people working around the hassle and confusion, even when the goal results in their own protection.
  • Training for all employees remains critical. Just as many attendees return to the RSA Conference year after year for continuing education, your employees need to regularly return to training. Not only will training give you the opportunity to keep employees alert, diligent and informed of the latest threats, but it helps employees protect themselves from themselves, as Geoffrey Fowler covered in his Wall Street Journal article, “Your Biggest Online Security Risk Is You.”

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