How ZixOne Solves BYOD the Right Way


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How ZixOne Solves BYOD the Right Way

Zix Staff

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend snuck up on the world. It’s easy to see how. In five years since its introduction, the smart phone dominates the consumer market with 169 million sold worldwide in a single quarter in 2012. In three years since the first tablet was announced, it has soared in popularity with estimated worldwide sales to reach more than 180 million in 2013.

Now those devices are being used for work, and businesses are open to the trend that offers potential cost savings and added productivity. Meanwhile, IT departments are left to make it happen - quickly and securely. To this point, that IT challenge has not been easy. With little time to respond, 100s of BYOD solutions went to market without adequately meeting both the security needs of business and the convenience, control and privacy demands of the employees who started this giant ball rolling.

The Current BYOD Landscape
Mobile Device Management (MDM), Native Policy Controls, Containerization, Virtualization – Sifting through the current BYOD solutions is taxing, especially considering none of them offer exactly what IT departments want.

MDM is costly and complicated. It takes over the device and provides a frustrating user experience. If the device is lost or stolen, MDM solutions can wipe ALL data, leaving behind upset employees. However, MDM solutions allow data to reside on the device. If a lost or stolen device is disconnected, ALL data is vulnerable, leaving companies exposed to security and compliance threats.

Native Policy Controls, such as connections to Exchange ActiveSync, are a type of MDM that secure specific functions with the same employee frustrations. Again, because policy controls allow data to reside on the device, any stolen or lost devices are vulnerable and unprotected if taken offline.

Containerization offers some of the user experience employees demand – a separation of work life and personal life – but still has flaws. Without automatic integration of contacts and calendars, users can’t identify incoming calls or texts and may miss a meeting or two without event notifications. The worst flaw however remains the same. Data resides on the device, and if stolen or lost devices are disconnected, corporate data is left unprotected.

Virtualization can be an effective manner of managing corporate data. Even if a lost or stolen device is offline, the data is secure. However, the tradeoff is an overwhelming user experience for employees and a challenge on mobile resources. Nancy Gohring says it best in her recent article "“Sorry, but VMware just doesn't shrink to fit phones."

Due to the disadvantages of these solutions, some IT departments are relying on browser-based services, such as Outlook Web Access. Similar to virtualization, they offer a poor experience for employees. In addition, like MDM and containerization, browser-based services expose companies to vulnerabilities, leaving unprotected corporate data cached on the device’s memory or disk.

So where can IT departments turn for a truly secure solution that provides the user experience employees demands?

Why ZixOne Gets It Right
ZixOne raises the bar on BYOD standards by enabling easy access in a simple environment to the most used business application on mobile devices – email. In managing access to corporate data from the device through a simple mobile email app, IT departments can address corporate security needs without inconveniencing employees or invading their privacy.

The benefits of this approach should not be measured in what business and employees gain but what they gain back. The BYOD trend has moved corporate data out of the hands of business and distributed it across hundreds and thousands of personal devices, exposing it to significant security and compliance threats. With ZixOne, corporate data in email is back where it belongs - securely with the business.

For employees, current BYOD solutions require them to relinquish control of their device and their privacy to business. In addition, they are forced to take extra steps that make their convenient devices cumbersome. ZixOne enables employees to securely access corporate email, but more importantly, it offers the control, privacy and convenience they deserve on their devices.

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