2013 in Review and Happy Holidays from Zix!


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2013 in Review and Happy Holidays from Zix!


For more than a decade, Zix has been the leader in email encryption. We developed that reputation and earned customer trust by delivering easy-to-use, innovative solutions that meet our customer's changing needs. In 2013, we expanded our portfolio to continue to meet those changing needs, becoming a leader in the broader category of email data protection with new approaches to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

BYOD, or the use of personal mobile devices for work, has challenged IT to find a solution that balances work enablement, corporate data protection and employee demands for convenience and privacy. With ZixOne, we provide a BYOD security solution that meets those needs without compromise. ZixOne is a mobile app that provides employees with secure access to corporate email without ever allowing that corporate email data to reside on the device. The information can be viewed but not downloaded. If a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, companies simply disable access, and no corporate data is at risk. It’s a simple BYOD solution that solves the corporate data security problem without imposing on personal control or privacy for employee-owned devices.

Our new, simple DLP solution addresses another overwhelming challenge, data loss in email. ZixDLP focuses on what Zix does best – securing email – while decreasing the cost of DLP dramatically, reducing the implementation timeline from months to hours and deploying your solution with minimal impact on your team. We combine our proven policy and content scanning capabilities with an intuitive quarantine interface that’s both easy to use and easy to administer.

The launch of ZixDLP and our entrance into the BYOD market with ZixOne has made 2013 an exceptional year for Zix. But we cannot forget about the profound impact of our customers and employees. Our email encryption community has grown to nearly 40 million members, and continued customer loyalty makes us the market leader in email encryption year after year. Our employees have developed state-of-the-art solutions and supported Zix and our customers with integrity and professionalism. With such successes, we are excited to enter a new year, and we are confident that what made this year exceptional will make 2014 even better. We wish everyone a happy holiday season!